Monday, January 19, 2009

What a wonderful day....

Saturdays are usually my busiest days of the week. I am usually booked solid with sessions intermixed with my daughters basketball games, taking or picking up my other daughter from her part time job-so basically than can get a little hectic from time to time. But this Saturday was a fun smooth Saturday ! YEA !
My sessions started bright & early with one of my baby plan babies- Mr P & all his handsome hair ! Oh how I love his hair...and all his cute little fat rolls. He was in a good mood & I captured some of his sweet little smiles. Dad is a big Duke fan - so Mom decked Mr P out in his Duke Duds ...I just hope he doesn't grow up & like North Carolina or something like that !
See you for you 6 month session before we know it P !

Then after lunch I had a new client come in- oh what a doll she is. Little Miss B was not feeling all the way herself- she had those mean 6 month shots. But you couldn't tell it with all the smiles she was giving me ! She loves the song her mommy & daddy sing to her in Spanish. Every time they started she was beaming with smiles ! And the best thing about my new client...Mom has a LOVE for BIG BOWS like I do !! Enjoy the sneak peeks Mom !

Right after little Miss B left, Miss A came in for her 1 yr session. She has been in a couple times before- if it wasn't a 3 hour drive here I think she would come see me more- right Mom ?? at Christmas Little Miss A was not crazy AT ALL about having pictures taken...oh but not today ! She was full of smiles & silly faces ! Even tried out my new green & white tu-tu ! We finished the session up with some yummy cake.....must have been yummy- not much left of it !
A's cousin Miss P is one of my baby plan babies came with her. I took a few of them together- they are so cute together. After the session while mom dressed A- I of course had to go talk to P- she reached her arms out for me to take her- aww melted my heart...then she just laid her little head on my chest & loved on me ! AWWWW HOW I LOVE MY JOB !! Made me smile inside & out ! Thanks girls for both coming in ! Happy Birthday Miss A !! And see you next month P for your 1 year session !

Then to finish the day out my newest baby plan baby came to see me for her 3 month session- Miss R...oh how she has grown since her newborn session ! She has the sweetest little chubby cheeks & sweet little bald head ! And this girl has a wardrobe out Daddy ! I am excited to watch her grow. See ya for that 6 month session before you know it !

Before I turned the heat & the lights off my sister & my sweet niece & nephew came over. I wanted some of my nephew Aiden in my new firetruck with the new fireman jacket. He is such a cutie...yea I am biased ! Don't worry he wont be able to be in the cute baby contest ! Well I have a bride that is anxiously awaiting some wedding I am off to work. Enjoy the sneak peeks ! Hope everyone has a great week !


1stLite Fine Art Portraits said...

Girl, no wonder you are so busy!!! Beautiful images!

Shauna said...

Steph, these are adorable.. How much you must love having all of these amazing little ones come through your studio. your work is looking great.