Thursday, March 31, 2011

New Pricing Structure

As of April 1, 2011 my pricing structure will be changing- for the better ! I have listened to several of you mention what your needs are & what works best for you. And YOU my clients are why I am here ! Session fee stayed the same- I did add a deluxe session fee for those who want a little bit more. CD price stayed the same price. New exciting option- as soon as your session is over you can now view your images and choose your proofs for me to edit ! After hearing this comment a million times over "oh Steph there are SO MANY ! How will I ever choose ?" I have decided to benefit us both I will be limiting proof choices to 30 or 60 images- depending on your session. Think back to your last session- look how many proofs you had- out of those what was your total number of poses you ordered ? So narrowing it down really doesnt seem that bad now. If you are a baby plan member- you have the option to use old pricing packages or new pricing structure. Also those of you that have had a session in the last 3 months and have not ordered- you will have the option to order either way as well. All regular sessions after today will go by new pricing structure. So head on over to my website to check it out -

CD Sale- All PAST sessions that you have ordered from- CDs are now HALF OFF !! This does NOT include weddings. Please email or call Steph to get your CD today !!

I am booking sessions NOW ! Please use new current pricing structure.

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