Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Husker Day in the studio was a FUN DAY ! I even wore a Husker shirt...those who know me- know that I am a true Texas Longhorn Fan ! I am from Texas and have always been a Longhorn fan way back to when my 6th grade teacher Ms Roden's nephew Peter played for the Longhorns and he came & spent the day with us at school ! I know you all are just wait for me to shut up & let you know who is the I will get on with that ! First a real quick THANK YOU to all that came in ! I will have proofs up soon- so watch your emails in the next few days.
OK OK....winner is Tracy Goodman- who brought in her 3 cute & fun kiddos. Though MR Nolan didnt like to share the spotlight & do group shots...he liked it all to himself ! Cant wait to do his One Year Session - it will be all about him ! Tracy - call me when you want to come get these tickets. They are for the Spet 12 game against Arkansas State. CONGRATS !

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