Thursday, August 13, 2009

WOW ! Where did Summer GO ??

I feel horrible that I have neglected this blog ! But since I last posted my son Micheal graduated High school, then since the last day of school we have gone to Vegas to shoot a wedding out there, then Texas for 10 days, back home for a couple of weeks then went to Colorado camping for 3 weeks, then back home for a couple of weeks then to Valentine to go kayak down the Niobrara & to we have been home & summer is OVER ! I love all the patient clients I have had over the summer ! YOU GUYS ROCK !!
Now I am in FULL SWING Senior 2010 Season ! Or as I have seen it lately SEN{10}R ! I am excited for all the new Sr's I have met so far & hope to meet this year. I have some amazing fun reps & need a couple of GUY reps ! So anyone know any Sr guys...send them my way !
Here are my Girl Reps
Leah- GISH
Rep Cards 009
Rep Cards 010
Katie- GINW
Rep Cards 005
Rep Cards 007
Cheyenne- Doniphan
Rep Cards 003
Rep Cards 002
Here is my prices for 2010 Seniors - call or email me with any questions.
Ok I promise to keep up with this blog !!

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